Contact Information

Acoustic Customer Support

(855) 272-1090

Private Brands Store Support

(888) 241-1632


  •    Electric guitar amplifiers
  •    Acoustic guitar amplifiers
  •    Bass amplifiers


Customer Service and Technical Support

  •    Customers and End Users should be directed to Acoustic website or Customer Support phone line for parts, warranty, and technical support.
  •    Store Associates should contact Private Brands Store Support.

Missing / Replacement Parts for Display and Store Owned Goods

  •    Contact Private Brands Store Support.
  •    Not all parts are available. Support teams will confirm availability.
  •    Typical response time is less than 24 hours.


  •    Store to verify customer claim falls under warranty, then exchange in store.
  •    All Acoustic amplifiers with warranty defects may be RTV’d to DC.
  •    Non-warranty or physically damaged store inventory is considered Non-Good-To-Go and should be resolved in store.