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Harbinger Customer Support

(877) 286-1809

Private Brands Store Support

(888) 241-1632


  •    Powered loudspeakers
  •    Portable PA systems
  •    Passive mixers
  •    Powered mixers


  •    2 year limited warranty from date of original purchase against defects in materials and workmanship.
  •    Warranty does not include wear and tear, damage, or lost parts.
  •    For more detailed info on Harbinger warranty, please see:

Customer Service and Technical Support

  •    Customers and End Users should be directed to Harbinger website or Customer Support phone line for parts, warranty, and technical support.
  •    Store Associates should contact Private Brands Store Support.

Missing / Replacement Parts for Display and Store Owned Goods

  •    Contact Private Brands Store Support.
  •    Not all parts are available. Support teams will confirm availability.
  •    Typical response time is less than 24 hours.

Store Stock and Customer Inventory Less Than 45 Days from Sale

  •    Verified Customer warranty claims less than 45 days are to be exchanged at the store.
  •    Store owned inventory with verified warranty defects may be RTV’d to DC.
  •    Non-warranty store inventory should be cycled out as shrink.

Customer Inventory Older Than 45 Days from Sale

  •    Customer warranty claims older than 45 days on the following products must be repaired at a Harbinger authorized service center. Refer the customer to Harbinger Customer Support for local service center contact.

LP Powered Mixer Series: LP7800, LP9800
MLS Series: MLS800, MLS900
MUV Series: M100-BT, M200-BT, M350
VARI 1000 Series: V1012, 1015
VARI 2200 Series: V2212, V2215, V2218S
VARI 2300 Series: V2312, V2315, V2318S
VARI 4000 Series: V4112, 4115

All other Harbinger products and legacy products

  •    For products other than those listed above, store to verify customer claim falls under warranty, then exchange in store.
  •    Store owned inventory with verified warranty defects may be RTV’d to DC.
  •    Non-warranty or physically damaged store inventory is considered Non-Good-To-Go and should be resolved in store.