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  •    Classical Guitars
  •    Flamenco Guitars


  •    Limited lifetime warranty to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.
  •    Does not cover symptoms of instrument exposure to wide variations in temperature and/or high humidity, especially if the instrument was not purchased recently.
  •    See Addendum Section below for details of Warranty vs Non-Warranty defects.
  •    For more details on Lucero warranty, please see: and review the below addendum section.

Customer Service, Technical Support, and Replacement Parts

  •    Customers and End Users should be directed to Lucero website.
  •    Store Associates should contact Private Brands Store Support.

Lucero Guitars

  •    Customer owned instruments with verified defects under warranty are to be exchanged at store .
  •    Store owned instruments with verified defects under warranty should be RTV’d to DC.
  •    Non-warranty or physically damaged store inventory is considered Non-Good-To-Go and should be resolved in store.

Parts Guidance for GC Repair

  •    A complete list of available parts has been provided to the Repair Techs and availability is updated weekly.
         o    Service parts require installation and should be ordered and installed by qualified GC Repair technicians only
         o    Replacement parts are parts that can be easily replaced by the consumer (knobs, switch caps, etc) as well as by a technician
  •    Parts for Non-Warranty Repair
         o    Contact Private Brands store support
         o    Provide your store number and advise parts needed
         o    Parts will be shipped to store to the GC Repair tech’s attention
         o    Advise customer of repair costs, complete the repair and bill customer for labor
         o    Proline also offers a broad range of standard replacement parts that can be purchased in-store

Addendum: Private Brand Stringed Instrument Warranty and Repair Guidelines

A Repair Technician must verify if damage is under warranty.

Care and Maintenance is crucial to a guitar’s life cycle. Improper care and maintenance is not covered under the limited lifetime warranty.

In the event of non-warranty damage use best judgement in consultation with GC Repair tech to determine if the damage occurred before or after purchase.

Damage or Repairs covered by the “Limited Lifetime Warranty”

  •    Defects in materials or workmanship from the factory
  •    Does not exhibit signs of exposure to temperature/humidity extremes, impact, non-warranty repairs or modifications, or other abuse

Damage or Repairs not covered by the “Limited Lifetime Warranty”

  •    Symptoms of instrument exposure to wide variations in temperature and/or low or high humidity
         o    Warping of the neck
         o    Sharp fret ends
         o    Sunken tops
         o    Cracked fingerboards
         o    Finish issues from exposure
         o    Damage from drops, impact, or lack of protection during transit
  •    Damage from impact, drops, or rough transit
  •    Damage from improper maintenance or repair techniques (excessive string tension, improper set-up adjustments, improper installation of replacement parts)